How It Works

How It Works


Sign up for a free consultation. During your consultation we will explore your current financial goals and identify your credit repair needs. We will explain the services we offer and come up with a plan that leads towards your goals. We will also answer any questions you may have.

Sign Up

After your free consultation, you will sign up for our services. This process will give you online access to the client portal. We will walk you through how to use our online tools.

Once you’ve been onboarded and have access to the portal, we will review your credit reports to identify inaccurate information that may need to be disputed and removed. Our goal is to go through your credit report line by line and make sure every error is addressed.

The Dispute Process

During this step, we contact the credit bureaus and start the dispute process on your behalf. Using our experience, we fight to have the inaccurate information removed from your report.

You will be apart of this process by using the client portal. You will have 24/7 access to communicate with us and us to communicate any changes that are made. In addition, you will receive correspondence directly from the credit bureaus as they make changes to your report. We ask that you upload these letters to the portal within 3 days of receipt.

Credit Score Improves

The last step is the most exciting: Sit back and watch your credit score improve! Our online tracking tools give you the ability to see inaccurate information fall off your reports.

Even after the disputes are settled, our online tools will allow you to monitor your credit report to ensure any information added is correct. These tools will help you make wise decisions that will have a positive influence on your credit in the future.